Hyde Park Art Center

Mayor Richard Daley speaks at the Ribbon Cutting of the new HPAC building, 4/22/06

Ruth Horwich is applauded after she cut the ribbon, for her many years of supporting the Art Center. Hank Weber of the University of Chicago was instrumental in the University giving the space to the Hyde Park Art Center.

Mr. Park is a master of Asian painting. His father was a famous Korean painter. Mr. Park has many disciples, including our class. Members of our class recently received our artists' names from him in a ceremony. Naomi, Paul, Pat, Kim, Michelle, Hannah and I are proud disciples of Mr. Park.

I get my artist name.

I have taken classes at the Art Center for many years--
ceramics, watercolor, and now
Asian Painting.
Our Asian Painting Class

Paul does tigers, Hannah does cats, Michelle and Kim are doing landscapes, I'm doing flowers--and Mr. Park is helping us all.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Pots


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