Hyde Park Art Fair

I show my ceramics annually in Booth D-1, at the Community Art Fair,
in conjunction with the Hyde Park Art Fair, on 57th and Kenwood,
the first weekend of June.
You can view my ceramics at www.shaughnessy.biz

All my pieces are different; I use a lot of blues and greens.


I want to look like I'm in a Turkish ceramics market.

Amber is a contrast color
Slip decoration--

And decorative platters--

I like variety--No two of my pieces
are the same--
Nick Mozak, an artist friend.   Teapots--I love them and
sell many for gifts.

Faith and Peter Park

Ai Ling, Han and Katie Ng
Thanks for stopping by!
Gayle Altur bought a vase. Blues and Greens are my favorite colors

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