My Asian Paintings
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Jackson Park Triptych

I've been studying Asian painting with Sun Kean Park
for several years. Some of my paintings are Asian subjects, and some local landscapes, especially from nearby Jackson Park, the lagoon and the Japanese Garden.

Mr. Park is a master of Asian painting. He is the only Korean painter in Illinois to have disciples and to give artist names. He has students from all over Illinois studying with him, so we are fortunate that he comes to the Hyde Park Art Center to teach us every week. In China I developed a love of classical Chinese types of paintings--shan shui, landscapes, which I've adapted to local landscapes, and hua niao, flower and bird, like the one below (which has a bird and some insects).

A peacock, with an accompanying poem by the Taoist poet Ch'ang Chien

I take my digital camera with me wherever I go--e.g. to the Morton Arboretum, where I went one fall and took many pictures, including one of the lake with the bridge, which I then turned into the painting at the right. The paintings below right are based on photos I took along the Columbia River gorges.

Two sunrises on the Columbia River from Skamania Lodge

White Peacocks

Egrets appear in the Jackson Park Lagoon from time to time.

The pond in fall, a favorite view in Jackson Park.

May your marriage last ten thousand years, Mal and Kilmeny


These swans appeared in Jackson Park during the fall, and I relocated them into the Japanese Garden, near the iris and lotus.

    In the Japanese Garden
The Jackson Park Lagoon in the late summer
Japanese Garden in Spring (detail)





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