China Travels, 1985-1986

Traveling was a part of the lure of spending a year in China.
I was fortunate to find people in Nanjing who liked to see the sights.
Let me introduce you to some friends and fellow travelers,
then show you some sights in China, 20 years ago.

With other Fulbright professors at the Great Wall, in August, 1985

Liu Haiping and Artist Mr. Zhu--Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing

With Sara and Sandra in the soft-seat waiting room, Shanghai train station, 9/23/85

On a waiban-sponsored trip to Anhui
with Jim Friend, Xu Xin, and the Bucks

With Deirdre West in Qufu

Lynn Conroy and I traveled together during the break, then she went to Japan to teach.

With Helen and Gordon Campbell on the trip to West Lake in Hangzhou

With Alice Barter at Yangzhou Eugenia Kaledin came from Beijing to lecture; Helen Campbell and I took her to Quixiashan.

I visited Taiwan where Jack Cannuli, SVD, and friend Patrick Hogan showed me around.

Eugenia Kaledin and I went to Hong Kong at Spring Break

Jack Cuff was isolated at the Hydrology College, so he hung out with us.

Ren Rong taught me calligraphy and Chinese Painging

With Lynn and Jack in Anhui province.

Ren Rong carved some seals for me.

On our bikes we explored Nanjing, along the Yangtse River.
A large, ancient-modern city, it offered a rich experience of China.

One of our first trips was to the Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum in Nanjing

Statue of Sun Yat Sen-- in the Mausoleum

Overlooking Qinhuai River from the old Ming City Wall

The Nanjing Bridge over the Yangtse River-- the Chinese finished it alone.

Lingu Si Pagoda-

Looking east along the Yangtse River from the Nanjing Bridge.

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Park, Nanjing

The Jinling Hotel--an island of luxury in Nanjing in 1985-86

The beautiful campus of Nanjing Teachers' College

Entrance to Xuan Wu Park--Part of the old Ming City Wall

Life is hard for most.

An old man--One of my favorite pictures

Tree-lined boulevards are Nanjing's signature. Bicycle traffic was always heavy.

Young scholar growing up in a back alley.

Seniors playing games in a back alley.

A medicine seller near Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum

Nanjing has many beauty spots like this.

and this back alley.

Basket and chair makers

Girls playing Cat's Cradle at the primary school on our campus.

Outdoor spice market.

I was very happy to have been able to spend a year in Nanjing. A large bustling city close to Shanghai, it was a microcosm of China. I got to know Nanjing well and felt at home there, and this made me feel at home in China.


Playing the erhu--

Soldiers near our campus

Beyond Nanjing

Every month we tried to go away--somewhere--looking for the exotic,
the fantastic, the gorgeous, the legendary. Anhui Province was right next door;
Colorful, exciting Shanghai was not far; Wuxi had Lake Tai and the Grand Canal,
Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, was a glimpse into rural China.
Everywhere China was pulsing with energy.

Men pulling carts laden with huge barrels
by hand in Qufu--November 1985

The soft sleeper was not bad, until the man who smoked joined us.

Women drying rice on a collective farm in Anhui, October, 1985


The Waiban took us to see Langyashan in Anhui Province on October 1, 1985.
Lynn and I accompanied Deirdre on a 4-day visit to Qufu in November.
In late December the Waiban arranged a New Years trip to Suzhou and Wuxi.

Roadside diner in Qufu

Traveling, Fall, 1985

Buddhist temple in Langyashan

Colorful minority cart on the street in Qufu

Second Spring under Heaven Park in

The Grand Canal runs for hundreds of miles through colorful parts of Hangshan, Wuxi, Suzhou

Extracting silk from the cocoons in Wuxi Silk Factory

Sculptor in Wuxi Clay Figurine Factory

Teahouse in Wuxi, December 1985

Our New Year's Eve Dinner Party in Wuxi

Tiger Hill, Suzhou

Garden of Contentment, Wuxi

Grand Canal in Wuxi

Suzhou Silk Embroidery Factory

The boat for our cruise on Lake Tai in Wuxi

Twins in Wuxi

Lake Tai, Wuxi

Street Market in Wuxi

Shanghai Cool--1985

Doing laundry in the Grand Canal--1985

Garden of Contentment, Suzhou

Street artist--what is he making?

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

Family at the Communal Farm in Anhui

Its scarcely believable how China has changed since I was there in 1985-86

Shanghai streets were filled with colorful entrepreneurs.

  A look at modern day Nanjing Road in Shanghai

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