Family Album 2003

A September reunion with
Brennan and Kari Connor in Seattle

Part I: Easter
The Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Bob and Carol Miller's

David and Laura's new house--David tore out the side porch.

Mary Frances--
a new Shaughnessy,
born 3/25/2003

Joe is happy to have a sister.

Carol Miller was having her annual Easter bash and gave out jobs to her "children": e.g. Therese, in from St. Louis.

Marie Thorpe, in from Indiana for Easter, got put to work.

Matt and Sandy Miller live in K.C.--they did their share.

Sandy Miller vacuumed the house and planted flowers outside.

Granddad Bob Miller was exhausted.

Even Amber and Laura Miller got to help Grandma.

Kathleen and I just enjoyed being around all the activities Carol generated.

Daniel Greene got the best job--holding Angel.

Karen Miller made pasta for us all, including Richard Greene

The Easter Egg Hunt -- open to all kids

Laura with Mary Frances

Praying at Easter Mass.

Joseph and Adam visit Chris Cakes the Pancake Guy

Attacking the pinata.

Waiting their turn.

Reaching for the candy--

David with spectator Joe.

Carol knew it wouldn't rain.

Marie and Brian Thorpe at the pancake breakfast with Joseph.

Keara Miller with Frances

Not another pinata!

In Kansas City spring was at its peak.

There's Katie!

Mary Clare in her skating costume

Part II: July 4
Because so many family would be in KC for the Fourth, I went too.
I joined David and Laura and Mike and Mal for the parties.

Tulleigh carrying the flag in the Roanoke parade

Francie feeling patriotic

The Roanoke neighborhod gathering for the contests and games

David with Joe, riding Seabiscuit

Patty Regan, passing out "mint julips"

Living in KC, cooking at a restaurant, Theo is going to culinary school this fall.

Malachy Connor sitting on a block of ice for one+ minute

Tulleigh sitting on ice for six minutes +

The Queen of the Derby awarding prizes.

Tulleigh, warming up his bottom, after the ice-sit

Kevin's still a bit afraid

Laura and Francie watching the Tour de France

Mary Clare mugging with Kathleen

Tulleigh won the gunny sack race.

I visited Siobhan and Keara Miller, who
were going to the lake.

Kathleen and I, posing for Mary Clare

Caroline holding Baby John: "Oh, he's wet!"

Ryan and Shaughnessy Miller


Joseph, showing me his briefcase

Going into 3rd grade Andrew and Brian were
going to Julie's place on the lake.

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Part III: Navy Pier
Navy Pier is on the agenda for every visitor to Chicago,
so when Michael stopped by with Tulleigh and Ciaran,
on the way back to Maine--Navy Pier!
Donna Keaton joined us for the day, The Little Mermaid, and the ferris wheel ride.

It was a beautiful day in Chicago

With Donna at Navy Pier

The band was playing

The Windy City II returning from a sail

Tulleigh sitting at Navy Pier

Not another picture!

Ciaran, Mike, Tulleigh, Donna, and I about to take off in the ferris wheel

Are we down yet?

Ciaran enjoyed the ride

View North from the top of the ferris wheel

Nurse Donna helped
sooth Tulleigh's fears.

A very curious seagull

July and August visitors
A lot of family stop through Chicago on their way to or from somewhere.
Notre Dame is a big attraction for the boys; for the girls it's
the American Girl store where Mary Clare Connor celebrated her 5th birthday.

Keith, Julie, Daniel and Patrick on the way
back from Notre Dame summer camp.

Mary Clare, Kathleen and Caroline wait for breakfast at the American Girl store.

Kevin said it cost so much he wanted to take the bus to town.

Breakfasting with their dolls: Mary Clare, Caroline, and Kathleen.

Mary Clare gives Mom Anne a massage.

Caroline asks difficult questions out of the box.

Caroline and Mary Clare make the doll more comfortable in her seat.

I recommend the eggs Benedict.

"Happy Birthday dear Mary Clare. . . "

We walked along the Chicago River to see the Parade of Tall Ships.

The girls waded in the fountain

The Tarangini on the Chicago River.

Epworth, Blarney Castle
Kevin's family were at Epworth Heights for a week in August.

Kevin and Anne with John, Joseph,
Caroline, Kathleen and Mary Clare
Cousin Kevin Connor Anne tends to Kathleen's hair

Kevin advising Little Mal on his swing

Kathleen on the deck

Caroline tries her swing

Kathleen giving John a ride on the swing

Just goofing around

On their way to golf

Joseph's swing is strong

John is enjoying himself

Mary Clare is five

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Francie is growing fast.

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