Family Album: 2002
Lots went on in our family in 2002. Here are some highlights--
in Kansas City, Ireland, Epworth, and Chicago.
In Kansas City

On April 24 David Shaughnessy threw out a first ball for the Kansas City Royals. His nephew Ciaran came from Maine to catch. His son Joe applauded.

Eric Rubin and Mary Kate Connor from Washington, D.C., were celebrating their engagement.

Kevin and Anne Connor baptized their son John.

My sister, Kathleen Connor was celebrating her 70th birthday by babysitting granddaughter Flannery Connor.

Kelly Connor recently became 15.

Caroline Connor made her first communion.

Malachy Connor with son Kevin (1).

What is Andrew Connor (7) thinking?

I went for a walk with the Connor girls--Caroline, Delaney, Mary Claire, and Kathleen Connor.

Father Brian Connor came in to officiate at the baptism and first communion. He celebrates by taking his nieces and nephew John for a run.

In Ireland


Mike Shaughnessy teaches sculpture at University of Southern Maine. This June he taught a course in Dingle and took the family along ahead for a preview.

The Shaughnessy "castle" in Ireland.

Theo, Avery, Tulleigh, Ciaran, Mike at a dress shop.

David Shaughnessy visited Mike in Ireland.

I visited Mike and his family at their home in Maine.

In Chicago

Kevin and his family stopped by in August. Navy Pier was where they all wanted to go.

Caroline and Mary Clare on harbour cruise

Kevin and Anne with family at Navy Pier

Kevin with baby John on Chicago harbour cruise

Kathleen and the Chicago Lighthouse

Where is that shrieking coming from?

Kevin shows Mary Clare where Mom is waiting--

Right down there, under an umbrella--

Or maybe over there ?

Caroline and Joseph enjoyed the ferris wheel

We all had a great view of Chicago from the ferris wheel.

In Epworth Heights

Kevin rented Blarney Castle in Epworth, near Ludington, Michigan for 2 weeks.

Anne likes the beach.

Grace Crowe with the girls at the Hamlin Lake falls.

It has a cozy living room and 8 bedrooms.

I visited them for a few days at the beach.

Sunsets were great

We built a sand castle with shell and feather ornaments.

Mary Clare helped

We all agreed the castle was a winner.

Kathleen collected the shells and feathers

Baby John rested, ate and smiled a lot.

What is Mary Clare planning?

The old Epworth Hotel, now a museum

Taking a morning walk

Ludington State Park

"The Badger"--ferry from Ludington
to Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Another sunset view.

Swans on Hamlin Lake

Mary Clare got us all lined up and in focus.

Kathleen and Caroline try out a pose--

Grace demonstrated how to do it right.

Sand is being added to extend the beach.

Grace and Caroline--partners in the tourney.

Kevin runs the activities.

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