Family Albums

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, where most of my family still live.
Two sisters--Kathleen Connor and Carol Miller--and deceased brother Joe raised large families there.
Now their children have children of their own, and have spread around the country.
Mike Shaughnessy and family live in Maine, Brennan Connor and family in Seattle,
Therese Greene and family in St. Louis, Marie Thorpe in Indiana.
Getting together is a way of life.

Family Album 2009
Shaughnessy and Sean Miller on St. Patrick's Day
Family Album 2008
Keith and Mike turn 50 and other exciting events of 2008.
Kathleen and Dick's Golden Wedding Anniversary-2007 Family Album 2007 Family Album 2006

Family Album 2005

Family Album 2004

2005 Connor-Waterman Wedding

Seattle Connors, 2003

Halloween, 2003

2004 Connor-Rohling Wedding

Maine Shaughnessys, 2002

Maine Shaughnessys, 2003

Family Album, 2003

Family Album, 2002

Labor Day, 2002

Connor- Rubin Wedding, 2002

Memories of Dad

Family Narrative




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