The Japanese Garden

Wooded Island's treasure is the Japanese Garden,
hearkening back to the Phoenix Pavilion
presented to Chicago in 1893 at the Columbian Exposition.
The Park District established the Japanese Garden in 1936.
Named to honor Osaka, Chicago's sister city,
the garden has been renovated, and rededicated.
On September 14-15, the annual Osaka Garden Festival was held there.
Activities included drumming, aikido demonstrations,
Maiko dance performance, storytelling, origami, kite-making,
mask-making, ikebana (flower-arranging),
sumi-e painting, and Japanese foods.
Here are some pictures of the new Japanese Garden and the Festival.


The Japanese Garden is hidden on the Wooded Island

It's behind the Museum
of Science & Industry.

There are rocks and water and shrubs, artistically arranged

A Japanese bridge

and stone lanterns

and a larger and more dramatic waterfall

A large crowd came to watch the festival--

Taiko Drumming

Storytelling of folk tales

Miniature panoramas

Ikebana demonstration

Japanese martial arts with swords

Japanese restaurants fed the crowds.

Traditional Maiko dance

Aikido demonstration--Midwest Aikido Center --Even students are good.

It's the way of joining with the aggressor to defeat him.

It looks so simple!

How did he do that????

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