Labor Day, 2002
Eric's and Mary Kate's families met for the first time in Kansas City

Mary Kate Connor with Eric Rubin and his mother Bonnie Herzberg

Dick Connor and Sam Herzberg

My niece Mary Kate Connor of Kansas City and Eric Rubin of Clearwater, Florida are going to be married in Kansas City on November 9. Their families took Labor Day as the opportunity to meet in Kansas City for the first time.

Eric's dad Les Rubin with his wife Nermine

Bonnie and Sam at the Fairmont Hotel

Mary Kate with girl friends Kate and Anne Thompson

Keith with Kevin and Anne who entertained us with a dinner.

Brennan drove from Seattle with 3 children

With nephew Patrick, Father Brian from Nebraska

Julie with Kelly Connor

"I am Andrew!"

Mansour Naime, Louise Amatelli and Pat Naime

Connor-Rubin-Herzberg family photograph

"And I am Brian!"

I wanted Mary Kate to wear her wreath the whole weekend, but ---

Narmine brought tatoos for the girls--Mary Clare, Caroline, Kathleen and Samantha

Eric with his dad and Nathan and Samantha

She gave the wreath to Eric--who is such a good sport, he posed wearing it.

Family photo by Candlelight

Flannery Connor, 1 year

Bonnie helped Mary pack

I was sightseeing around K.C. with two friends Jane Pugh and Nancy Finke

Kevin and Drake easily won the men's doubles on Labor Day

Some of us lucky ones got over to the Brookside Irish Fest, which David Shaughnessy organized

Staying at Carol's, I played with her grandchildren--Shaughnessy & Siobhan--

and Keara and watched a movie with Ryan.

Casey wanted to play too.

Carol took them to school one morning in her convertible.


Bob Miller took them to school in his car.

While Karen and Sean Miller were celebrating their wedding anniversary in Chicago, Carol and Bob looked after their 4 children. I got to play "Baby" with Siobhan who is already in Kindergarten and gets herself ready for school.

Meet the rest of Eric's family--

Coming soon--Mary and Eric's wedding!


Bonnie sent me a picture of the rest of the family--Besides Eric, there's brother Arthur with his wife Barbara, and sister Tracie and her husband Jeff and their two children Maya (2 1/2) and Noah (1). We're looking forward to meeting them in Kansas City in November for the big wedding.

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