The Parks and Gardens of Hyde Park--
Hyde Park is blessed with much open space along the lakefront--most of it in Jackson Park
maintained by the Chicago Park District, from 57th to 67th between Stony Island and the Lake.

Frederick Law Olmsted could not have imagined all that would emerge from his master plan for Jackson Park.

It now includes beaches, bike paths, museums, and gardens. The Perennial Garden, the Wooded Isle and the Lagoon,
the Bobolink Meadow, the golf-driving range, the Japanese Garden, even the Museum of Science and Industry--
the Jackson Park and Southern Shor
es Yacht Clubs--all are in Jackson Park.

The Perennial Garden near the Museum of Science and Industry

The Perennial garden

Frederick Law Olmsted

The Lagoon by Wooded Island

63rd Street Beach House

Memorial Day at the 63rd Street Beach

The Fountain at 63rd Street Beach

The Point has playing fields, barbecue pits, a fieldhouse, and great swimming.

The statue of the Republic --centerpiece of the White City

The beach at 57th Street

Southern Shores Yacht Harbor

To Bobolink Meadow
Spring in the Perennial Garden

Site of the Manufacturers' Building in the 1893 World's Fair

Clubhouse at Golf Driving Range
Near the Golf Driving Range
Jackson Park Lagoon Biking through Bobolink Meadow Perennial Garden
Besides Jackson Park, there are small public parks within Hyde Park, such as Harold Washington Park, Nichols Park.
Hyde Parkers also support many private gardening projects.
Local Hyde Park
The Fountain of Time by Loredo Taft, on the Midway   The 63st Street Beach House

Nichols Park Fountain in spring

Nichols Park Wildflower Garden July 4

Butterfly weed --Nichols Park wildflower garden--July 4

Burdock--Nichols Park

--Nichols Park Wildflower
Garden July 4

Nichols Park Wildflower Garden Sky Landing - Yoko Ono's sculpture on Wooded Island




Harold's Playlot



Harold Washington Park


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