Hyde Park Restaurants
I eat out very frequently with other Hyde Park friends.
Fortunately Hyde Park has many good restaurants;
these are my favorites, and my favorite meal in each.

Calypso in Harper Court

Calypso - Caribbean

Calypso's Jerk Chicken Wing Lunch-$6.95
When I have company I take them to Calypso where there are Caribbean drinks and a tropical atmosphere, as well as jerked chicken.

Kikuya - Japanese

Kikuya's Salmon Teriyaki Special -$7.95

  Another favorite is Hyde Park's only Japanese restaurant Kikuya. The sushi is wonderful, but I can never resist the salmon teriyaki.

Zoe our waitress in Pizza Capri

Pizza Capri

Farfalle Eggplant at Pizza Capri on 53rd
Pizza Capri is my favorite Italian restaurant in Hyde Park. By no means is it just another pizza joint (of which we have many). It's Italian with an attitude. And the Greek salad is delicious.

Thai Twee

Eggplant Delight--Thai Twee on 53rd-$7.50
  Hyde Park is blessed with many Thai restaurants. There are three on 55th and one on 53rd. I like them all, especially Thai Twee and the Snail.

Wednesday special - $6.95

Valois Cafeteria

At Valois Restaurant, you "see your food."

Corned beef and cabbage is one of my favorite dishes at Valois cafeteria. It's not as good as Berghoff's, but with mustard and horseradish it's passable.


Studs Terkl dines at Valois with his son.


Many local businesspeople eat at Valois; you never know who'll you see there.

Nevertheless, only really close friends will eat at Valois with me.



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