Reunion in Southern California 2003

Someplace along the line, my life took a wrong turn--
I should have retired in Southern California, as I learned
at a reunion with St. Mary's classmates there in March.
Leaving Chicago winter and finding spring in San Diego convinced me--
I was meant to live there. Somehow I had ended up in Chicago.
Now it's too late; I can't afford it.
But I'm glad to have seen what I was destined for--if only I'd known it.
Thanks to all those who enlightened me.

This is San Diego's skyline viewed from Coronado.
Note the sailboat, lounge chairs, people sprawling on the grass.
You wouldn't see that in Chicago in March.

Garden Centers in March convinced me that I am missing something.

Just one of many views of the Pacific.

Only nice dogs are allowed on Del Mar Beach where Lynn takes her dogs.

Jeff and Judy have lived in Coronda for many years. They stroll the waterfront there, probably every day.

Jeff & Judy at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Lynn and I felt right at home.

The Swimming Pool at Hotel Del Coronado--Jeff is a member.

Pink Flamingos at the Marriott on Coronado.

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad.

A tree with red flowers.

Are they gloating?

Even the fish in the pond at the Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens are friendly.

Lynn gardens year around at her home in Leucadia.

Lynn brings out her Hawaiian Bread dip.

Lynn's Golden boy Benji has a good life.

Mary Musante Kraemer, me, Mary Jean Paxton, Mary Jo Bowman and Janet Rowe at Lynn's for lunch.

Janet, Mary Jean, Mary Jo on Lynn's deck

Lynn, Mary, and Mary Jean look at reunion pictures

Janet took me with her back to LA to see the Getty.

The Getty Museum is amazing.

Janet taught at Mount St. Mary's in LA- seen in the background.

I rode Amtrak from LA to Oceanside, in business class, with the rich and powerful.

Mary Jean with Roxy and Samson

Mary Jean and I ate at Ruby's Diner in Oceanside

The Pier at Oceanside where we ate at Ruby's Diner.

Bird of Paradise grows wild in the parking lot.

Even the desert east of San Diego is beautiful.

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