The Promontory Point

One of the favorite spots in Hyde Park is The Point.
Walkers, runners, bike riders, skaters, kite fliers, volley ball and soccer players,
dog walkers, picnickers, lovers, swimmers, all are loyal to the Point.

"Save the Point" is a rallying cry whenever the Park District moves in with another scheme to "improve" the Point, which Hyde Parkers think is best left as it was designed by Caldwell.

The field house at the Point

A chance meeting at the Point

Ongoing improvements along Lake Shore Drive on either side of the Point threaten to encroach on the Point.

The Museum of Science & Industry adjoins the Point


The playing field

The Park District wants to replace the limestone rocks, where swimmers and sunbathers gather, with concrete revetments like those north of the Point.

The famous limestone rocks


The infamous revetments

A Memorial Day picnic at the Point

Keep Out! Former missile site

View of downtown Chicago, from the Point

Dogwalking at the Point
Memorial Day

The Point was designed by Alfred Caldwell, a follower of Jens Jensen.
An organization is now working to Save the Point.

The swimmers want to keep their rocks.


Council Circles

The Point juts out into Lake Michigan. For 15 years I sailed my Cape Cod catboat, Rum Tum Tugger, on Lake Michigan. The Point was a good navigation mark when returning.

The Point juts out into the lake.


The Point in Winter


Jack Spicer of

A Shetland Pony gives rides at a birthday party
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