My Travels
Oh, may I go a-wandering
Until the day I die!
Oh, may I always laugh and sing,
Beneath God's clear blue sky!

I have been on a journey all my life.
Here are some highlights of my travels.
See also my Elderhostels and Google photo albums.

Trans-Atlantic Cruise
Trans-Atlantic Cruise
Trans-Atlantic Cruise
With Kari and Flannery Connor
in Seattle

Alaska -2016
Hubbard Glacier
Alaska -2016

A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor
on the Maasdam
Alaska -2016

Holland-2015 Scotland-2015 Ireland-2015
2015 Prairie Home Companion Caribbean Cruise With Host Garrrison Keillor on the Westerdam Puebla 2014-15
Oaxaca - 2014-15 Grand Danube Passage -2014 Vienna, with Norman Shetler
Caribbean Cruise
Trans-Atlantic Cruise
England 2014
Norwegian Fjord Cruise
London 2013 Quebec to Florida Cruise-2013
Trans-Atlantic Cruise 2012 Trans-Atlantic Cruise 2012 Voyage to Byzantium 2012
Southern Caribbean 2011 Southern Caribbean Cruise 2011 Southern Caribbean Cruise 2011
River Cruise in France

Lyon 2010 Paris 2010
Amsterdam 2008, Vienna, with Norman and Lois Shetler, and Captain Schlee aboard the Viking Sky.
See the whole cruise
Prague 2008--a sidetrip before my river cruise from Vienna to Amsterdam
Alaska Cruise 2008 Victoria, BC 2008 Vancouver, BC 2008

Phoenix and Taliesin West


Puerto Vallarta 2008 Sedona 2008
2007 Mediterranean Cruise with Dor McMahon

Panama Canal Cruise, Dec. 23, 2006-Jan. 9, 2007

Panama Canal Cruise 2007 (photo album)

September 2007
From Santiago to Buenos Aires: Cruising the Chilean Fjords, March 2007
Chile-Argentina Album
Croatia 2006

Croatia album

Mexico City album

Sicily, 2005

Sicily album

Hawaii, 2004

Hawaii Album

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton 2002

Quebec, 2004


Mexico, 2002

North Carolina, 2003

Southern California, 2003

New Mexico, 2002


Italy, 2000
Hill Towns of Umbria

2000: Millennium Cruise--Greek Isles

Russian Waterways-1998


China, 1985

Venice 1998

Greece, Israel, Egypt, 1982

China, 1986

Midwest Getaways

England - 1980 Ireland - 1980 Scotland - 1980

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