The Wooded Island, the Lagoon,
Bobolink Meadow--
slideshow of the Wooded Island

Thanks to the foresight of Daniel Burnham and Frederick Law Olmsted,
the site of the Columbian Exposition of 1893 was returned to nature after the Fair.
As a result, Hyde Park has its own wilderness area behind the Museum of Science & Industry--
Wooded Island and the surrounding lagoons, and Bobolink Meadow,
even a Japanese Garden (reconstituted after the Fair).
Birders love this area, where herons can be seen roosting around the lagoon.
Geese have made it their home and raise their young on it.
Migrating ducks and song birds find their way here.

Start at the Clarence Darrow Bridge behind the Museum of Science and Industry and walk to the Wooded Isle (with the Japanese Garden), Jackson Park Lagoon, and the Bobolink Meadow. The Chicago Park District has restored this entire area, with islands in the lagoon, prairie wildflowers on and Big Blue Stem Grasses on the meadow. You'll forget you're in the city.

The Bobolink Meadow was
much larger before the Park
District took half of it for a golf
driving range.
I saw a pair of Balitimore
I saw a pair of orioles
at the north end of the Meadow
on April 21.


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