2007 Family Album
A look at some of the many things going on in our family this year

At Easter I visited David and Laura's new house and played with Francie, Gracie and Joe Shaughnessy Joe Shaughnessy always likes to color Easter eggs.

Cousins Siobhan and Andrew Miller are plotting something, I bet, as they help prepare for Easter at Carol and Bob Miller's

Richard and Therese Greene with Caitie, Daniel and Evan arrive from St. Louis Shaughnessy Miller. Are we sure there are enough plates for a hundred? Carol wonders.
Sean and Karen Miller take a break from working in the yard. Kiera Miller Is everything done now? Sean invites us for taco dinner at his house.
Matt and Sandy Miller with Rich Greene Marie Miller Thorpe Keira, Evan, Shaughnessy, and Bradley fix their tacos.
Ryan Miller introduces his date Colleen Rawley to his dad. Daniel Connor is dressed up for Easter. Kathleen brought dozens of cinnamon rolls to Carol's for Sunday.
During Mass, the children listen closely. Andrew Connor "He is risen" is the message of the day.
Francie and Gracie Shaughnessy in their Easter outfits David with Francie and Joe at brunch. Shaughnessy and the girls enjoy Easter brunch.
Such a large family has many traditions-Carol and Bob Miller have evolved theirs--Easter Mass in the basement followed by egg hunt, brunch, pinata breaking. Kathleen and Dick Connor have evolved theirs--Fr. Brian Connor doesn't arrive in KC until Sunday afternoon, so Kathleen usually has family dinner for him, but she and Dick had just returned from a cruise, so Keith and Julie hosted this year.
Julie set the table, prepared the food-- Finally, after tennis-- Everybody come and help yourself!
Cousins Joseph and Daniel Connor are graduating in June. "I won again this year," Brian claims-- "Whatever--" Anne and Kevin Connor.
"Now, listen to this, you guys! I'm the oldest and I say that--" Daniel does the dishes. Mal and Kilmeney pay attention when Keith speaks.
In Indiana, in May, Marie and Brian Thorpe showed off their long-awaited sofa, celebrated Mother's Day, inaugurated their fire pit. Carol and Bob came for Joseph's confirmation.
Bob and Carol celebrate with Marie on the arrival of her new sofa!   Ciaran Shaughnessy begins architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology
Mary Clare, Kathleen, John, Anne and Caroline Connor visited me in August. Connor Myer Rubin, b. 9/25/2007 to Mary Kate and Eric Rubin I spent Christmas in Indiana at Marie and Brian Thorpe's, where Carol and Bob Miller were visiting.
Marie and Carol prepare Christmas Eve clam chowder in Marie's kitchen. Marie and Joseph, a freshman at Andrean. Brian made his specialty--grilled shrimp for Christmas.
It snowed in Kansas City after Christmas, when I stayed at Carol and Bob's house for New Years. Mary Kate and Connor were staying with Kathleen. "Why do we always take pictures of food?"
Connor likes being held by Caroline and Kathleen Connor. Eli Rubin is two and very articulate. Francie and Gracie Shaughnessy in their playroom.
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