Family Album 2008

2008--Several milestones,
College students doing interesting things,
A visit to Kansas City over July 4--

Tennis, swimming, music, fireworks and Winstead's Drive-In

June 2008
Carol and Bob Miller's 50th Wedding Anniversary Family Cruise

Kelly Connor spent the winter semester studying in Spain and touring Europe, and England Kelly in Spain Keith Connor celebrated his 50th birthday flipping pancakes for Easter at Millers..
Ciaran Shaughnessy is at IIT and we have breakfast at the Medici on Sundays sometimes. Ciaran's drawing was in the Architecture Open House Ciaran in front of his fraternity house at IIT--Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Sig Ep"
The ever photogenic Shaughnessys--Gracie, Joe and Francie Kari and Flannery visited KC over July 4

July 4--Brian says Mass at Kathleen and Dick Connor's

Running with scooters: Delaney, Riley, Caroline, Eli, Flannery, John and Kathleen Is that Connor Rubin with Mary Kate? Caroline and Kathleen with Flannery Connor
Anne, Mary and Kari hang out at the children's pool Anne with Mary Clare and Kathleen Caroline and Eric watch Flannery and Eli at the pool
Lunch at Winstead's with Kathleen, Gracie, Mary Claire and John Relaxing after my water aerobics Carriage Club parent-child tennis tournament on the 4th. Everyone played.
Gracie with dad David Shaughnessy at Winstead's Eli's not a bit afraid Bob and Carol are giving Father Arnolfo from Mexico an "American immersion"; Lourdes and Jack Fisher consult.
Tulleigh's favorite instrument--the ukelele Tulleigh tackles the Skyscraper Soda at Winstead's Joe tries out ukeleles at the Mountain Music store.
Joe's got his ukelele; Tulleigh teaches him some chords and fingering Mallory, Francie, Mike (who turned 50 this year), Tulleigh, me, David, Gracie and Joe with his new ukelele. Where was Laura?
Joe gets suggestions from Uncle Mike "Me and the Moon" Are you going to let me put your hair in a pony-tail?
Has Francie got 'tude or what?
Ryan and Shaughnessy Miller stop by Carol's. Kevin Connor's family at Millennium Park in late July on their way to Michigan
Celebrating Ciaran's 19th birthday at the Parrot Cage,
Ciaran makes a wish.
Ciaran and Vanessa, a freshman at the University of Chicago
Bob and Carol with Marie and me--Thanksgiving at Brian and Marie's Brian and Marie Thorpe at Thanksgiving Bob and Carol Miller with Marie carve the turkey
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