Family Album 2009
Take a look at some pictures from various family gatherings--I was in Kansas City
for New Years, Easter, and received pictures of other family get-togethers.

Bob Miller gives directions at the annual New Year's Mass in Millers' basement Dick and Eric do their laundry Eric and Connor
Kathleen Connor takes a break at Carol's Gracie Shaughnessy Siobhan and Shaughnessy Miller
Eric and Mary put ice skates on Eli Joe Shaughnessy skating at Carriage Club John Connor skating
Francie and Gracie Shaughnessy with dad David at some warm place Anne Connor opens the champagne Kevin Connor makes the chili
Spring Break--Karen digs in at St. Patrick's Day at Marie and Brian Thorpe's Marie Thorpe. Nobody's more Irish than Chef Brian Thorpe
Shaughnessy Miller's checking out the colleges. She hopes to go to ND. Enjoying a corned beef dinner with Sean Miller's family at Marie and Brian Thorpe's for St. Patrick's Day
Karen Miller, Julie Connor and Carol Miller relaxing Holy Saturday afternoon On Holy Saturday the Millers prepare their house and yard for Easter morning Mass and Brunch and Pinata
Dick shows Matt and Sean a picture of their dad in high school Siobhan and Shaughnessy Miller with Angel Thorpe Siobhan sings along with Rock Star
Joseph, Andrew, Siobhan, Jeffrey and Chris keep up with Rock Star in the Miller's Game Room Karen and Sean feed us on Holy Saturday evening
Bob and Carol with Father at Easter Mass Joe Shaughnessy does the first reading Keira and Shaughnessy in their Easter outfits
Andrew, Daniel, Malachy and Brian Connor playing Donkey Kong Carol and Bob beam across a sea of children
I visit with an old friend, Jim Hense I visited with Butler cousins--Jay and Barbara, with their forbears in the Butler Funeral Home in Kansas City, KS
Ciaran Shaughnessy at the Japanese Garden in the Wooded Island, behind the Museum of Science and Industry-Chicago Therese sent me this picture of her family, with Dad Rich, sons Evan, Adam and Daniel and daughter Caitie--who live in St. Louis and didn't make it to KC for Easter this year.
With parents Mike and Malory . Avery Shaughnessy will graduate from USM in art this year (or next). Our Town production in Windham Maine, starred Tulleigh Shaughnessy as Mr. Gibbs.
Francie Shaughnessy celebrates her graduation from kindergarten with cousins Siobhan and Keara Miller Gracie, Joe and Francie Shaughnessy at the beach (from Laura Shaughnessy's Facebook page)
Amelia, Jennifer, Hannah and Hal Wenzel (from Jennifer's Facebook page) Cousin Charlotte Johnson Charles and Connor Johnson, Amelia and Hannah Wenzel--at Connor's graduation.
Riley, Flannery and Delaney Connor with Eli and Connor Rubin in Puerto Vallarta Flannery, Riley and Delaney Connor (from Kari's Facebook Page)
Lunching with sisters Kathleen and Carol and cousins Jennifer Wentzel and Barb Butler at the Carriage Club in KC in July Bob Miller is 80! Carol gave him mussels-his favorite. Brian Connor
David Shaughnessy, with Francie, Joe and Gracie in Old St. Mary's Cemetery, KC Caroline Connor Julie Connor with niece Caroline Connor
Anne and Kathleen Connor Water lilies in Carol's pond Carol took this while I wasn't looking.
Carol Miller's lily pond Therese and Marie Waterskiing runs in the family--Richard and Daniel Greene
Outdoor dining at Marie and Brian's, with the Greenes, in August Joseph Mayer, Marie's handsome son. Mike and Tulleigh Shaughnessy
Daniel, Catie, Therese and Rich Greene, playing pool at Marie and Brian's In the Japanese Garden, in August Joe Shaughnessy reads petitions in St. Peter's Church

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