Family Album 2004

In April I visited "newly-weds" Mary and Eric Rubin in Washington, getting my first look at their "new" house in the Capitol Hill area, Independence Ave SE, within walking distance of the Capitol and the Eastern Market. We met Judy Gaskell for lunch there and Judy and I headed to the Arboretum while Mary and Eric spent more time on the house. My favorite museums were the Freer and National Galleries.

Our Washington Family
Mary and Eric--our guys in Washington

Their new house in Capitol Hill area

A visit to the Maine Shaughnessys
The Freer Gallery

With Judy Gaskell and Mary Kate at the Eastern Market.

In July, I visited the Maine Shaughnessys--Mike and Mallory and the boys. Theo and Avery were both working at Rose's Italian Restaurant; Ciaran was off on camping trips and learning to be a kayak guide at the Ripple Effect.. Tulleigh went with us on many outings--to the beach, to the Porthole at the Custom House wharf (where Mike's mandolin teacher was playing with the Potato Pickers) and to Fort Williams where we drew and painted.
Tulleigh gets to go on all the outings.
Ciaran stays active.
"Rocks are hard!"
Tulleigh gets his kite up.
The Scotia Prince comes into Casco Bay.
Tulleigh likes to hang out with his mom.
The Potato Pickers at the Porthole Restaurant.
Portsmouth--old navy prison
Isles of Shoals cruise on the Thomas Laughton
Sean and Karen took Ryan, Keira, Siobhan, and Shaughnessy to Disney World in August
Thanksgiving in Seattle
Shaughnessy, Siobhan, and Keira
Brennan and Kari with Riley, Flannery and Delaney Mary and her god-child Flannery Brennan with Mary, Eric, and Delaney on Thanksgiving
Flannery, Delaney and Riley
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Little Miss Flannery is a born storyteller.

Patricia Grace Shaughnessy arrived two weeks early, so I went to Kansas City for Thanksgiving to see her. Laura was back in the hospital with a blood clot, and David was bravely looking after three children. Fortunately neighbors and friends helped out and he survived. Now Laura is back home.


David and Laura with Joe, Francie and newborn Grace
Grace Patricia Shaughnessy
In Kansas City, Keith and Julie Connor had Thanksgiving Dinner at their house-- for 35 people, including Julie's family and all the Connors (including Kilmeney and her mom), and we ALL sat down-- to a feast.
Kathleen roasted a turkey and Keith smoked one. Kathleen and Dick Connor with Malachy and Kilmeney, who are engaged.

Keith, Dick, Brian and Kevin Connor. Julie's tables were gorgeous. Julie's mother Dolly helped Julie put the dishes out.
Kathleen, Mary Clare and Caroline Connor with Momo, and Julie's niece. John falls asleep in Kevin's arms. Would you know that Kathleen and I are sisters?
The children's table Mary Clare at the skating rink. Kilmeney's mom made the pumpkin pie-- with nuts and without.
Caroline and Kathleen love skating. Brian and little Kevin. Brian blesses Maria Connor after Mass blessing Kevin's new home.
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