Saint Mary's College Class of 1952
52nd Reunion--June 10-13
After our 50th, we decided we didn't want to wait five years for another reunion,
so we hit on the "52nd for the Class of '52" idea.
The Alumnae Association helped us with every detail.
It couldn't have been better. We had the campus to ourselves--
the Haggar Center, Stapleton Lounge, the new Clubhouse for our picnic,
the new Dining Room for our banquet. In town,dinner at Fiddler's Hearth and Rosie's.
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Reunion News--Spring 2004

Sally Wiegand and Helen O'Brien Beverly Skoniecki Mary Kishler and Emmy Lou Majewski
Pat Murray and Jean Desmond Toni Watkins Jean Bestler and Eleanor Fails
Liz Ravenscroft and Lynn Ambrose Ian Ravenscroft and Jay Worthington Faith McNamara and Julie Fries
Lynn Ambrose, Mary Jean Paxton, Eleanor Fails Thelma Dunlevy, Pat Egan Joe and Mary Caryl Straub
Picnic lunch in the new Clubhouse Joan Gadomski Huguenard Sally, Jean and Eleanor
Lynn Ambrose, Pat Murray Thanks to everybody, especially-- my California sisters--Mary Jean and Lynn
In Haggar Center (the old library)Thelma and Margaret listen to Beverly's story Janie Belfie helped us "reconnect" Lynn tells her story
Faith and Mary Eleanor reads her prize-winning words Together again--Liz and Jay
Thelma, Margaret, Jean and Helen as Joan tells of her life's path Beverly, Mary Jean, Mary Jane
Margaret Kropf Voyt draws a memorial card from Pat Murray's basket Thanks to Father Bob Austgen CSC Thanks to Eleanor and the South Benders for memorial candles for deceased classmates
Mary Kishler and Faith McNamara Lynn Ambrose reads at Mass Thelms Dunlevy laughs at Barb Henry's story
Of course, I wanted my picture with the new SMC president, Carol Mooney, at the banquet Mary Jean reads at Mass Emma Lou Majewski and Jean Bestler
Mary Jane Belfie, Father Bob Austgen and Mary Jean Wallace President Carol Mooney speaks at the banquet Faith McNamamra and Julie Fries
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