Viking River Cruise 2008
The "Grand European Tour"

In September I flew to Amsterdam, where I visited many museums I'd never seen before.
Then I flew to Prague--seeing that beautiful city for the first time.
From Prague I took the SuperCity Pendolino Smetana to Vienna, where I visited with old friends.
Finally I sailed on the Viking Sky from Vienna back to Amsterdam,
via the"the Romantic Road"--the Danube, Main-Danube Canal, Main, Rhine, Mosel,
and the canals of Holland, passing through more than 80 locks.
Come with me on this once in a lifetime journey.

Amsterdam , starting and finishing point Prague--a sidetrip before my river cruise from Vienna to Amsterdam Vienna, with Norman and Lois Shetler, and Captain Schlee aboard the Viking Sky

Melk Abbey
beautiful first stop on the Danube

Don't miss this world heritage city-- our second stop on the Danube
Also a world heritage city on the Danube
Albrecht Durer's hometown on the Main-Danube Canal

"Little Venice" on the Main-Danube Canal and the Regnitz River

We spent Sunday touring the Bavarian countryside, near the Main River, using Wurzburg as our home base

Picturesque village on the Main (and Tauber)

Stunning cathedral, Gutenberg Museum, Old Town, Cathedral Museum treasures
Castles on the Rhine
The middle Rhine, from Rudesheim to Koblenz
Mosel River
Vineyards and charm along the Moselle, from Koblenz to Cochem
Picturesque villages on the Moselle River--Our last stop before returning to Koblenz

Koblenz, at the confluence of the Mosel and the Rhine

The Cathedral alone is worth going to Cologne to see.