The Wedding of Mary Kate Connor and Eric Rubin
November 7-10, 2002--Kansas City, Missouri

About two hundred fifty came, including at least one hundred and thirty on Eric's side --mostly from Florida (including twenty on one plane)! Events began cordially at a"survivor party" hosted by Mary's five brothers at Keith's house. The mostly-Jewish "Team Rubin" and the mostly-Irish Catholic "Team Connor" liked each other immensely--and were glad Mary and Eric had teamed up,
so our two teams could merge.
Eric's bachelor party at the Riverboat casino, hosted by his rugby team from Tulane, was off limits to us--
The Rehearsal Dinner Friday evening at Jack Stack's gave everyone a chance to make speeches
and sample Kansas City's famous barbeque.

Events Saturday began at the hairdresser and then moved to the beauty parlor on the sunporch where Mary had a makeup artist lined up. By late afternoon the maid and matron of honor, the entourage of little girl bell-ringers and of course, the Bride were in full glory and ready to be posed and photographed with all their families and court. Ceremonies at the Carriage Club in Kansas City began with Mary's favorite Bach, Beethoven and Pachelbel music played by the Kansas City String Quartet. Rabbi Stuart Davis and Father Norm Rotert co-presided at the service that was equal parts Catholic and Jewish. The Ketubah I designed and painted was signed, read aloud, and admired. Eric stamped and broke the glass and we all shouted "Mazel Tov."

At the reception Mary and Eric danced their routine effortlessly, with twirls and backbends.
Arthur and Kelly reminisced about how Eric and Mary were before they met.
The cake was cut;
the kids got all the chocolate. We threw ourselves into the Hora with a frenzy.
Kathleen entertained the out-of-towners Sunday at brunch
then Mary and Eric collected their presents and headed for Italy.

Mary with some of her attendants at the Survivor party

Brother Kevin praises Mary at the Rehearsal Dinner

Bonnie with Tracie, Eric, Arthur, Barbara with Noah, Jeff

Kathleen and Mary at the Survivor party

Father Norman Rotert

Tracie, Eric and Arthur-- Rehearsal Dinner

Bonnie and her sister-in-law Martha Moses arrive at the Rehearsal dinner

Matron of honor, Anne Thompson Eckels, gets made up Saturday.

Team Connor's Younger Set at the Rehearsal Dinner

Laura and David Shaughnessy, Mary, Julie and Malachy at the Rehearsal dinner

Kelly Connor, Maid of honor, making up

Mary getting her bridal blush

Mary with her admiring attendants

Let the Picture Taking Begin

Team Connor now includes Eric

Bonnie and Sam Herzberg with Tracie & Jeff, Eric & Mary, Arthur and Barbara with Noah and Maya

The three beauties: Anne, Mary, Kelly

Some of Team Rubin--there were more!

I get my picture with the Rubins.

Mary's Mr. Right

Nermine's sister Nella with Morris and Gabrielle who looks just like Samantha

Mary, Michelle, Anna, and Ninelle

Nathan Rubin and the Girls

Groomsman Jay Lenhart kindly sent me his digital pictures, some of which are here.

Kara Lynch Ciocca and Kara Gilmore

Samantha Rubin

Nancy Hudak with Julie Rohling

Mary with Michael and Martha Moses

The Chupa

Nermine and Les Rubin and friend

Jay Lenhart and other friends of Eric

The Wedding Cake

The Groom's Cake went fast.

Rugby guys--Renaud, the Dugger, and

Arthur gives his speech.

Carol, Mal, Brian, Brennan, and Mike

Kevin swings into the Hora with Barbara Rubin.

Eric and Mary glide into their dance.

Mary and her matron-of-honor Anne dance the Hora.

Bonnie and Arthur, Daniel with Delaney

Mary dances with Keith

Bonnie dances with son Eric

Who could resist the seductive "Havana ghila, havana ghila"? --You couldn't stay out of the circles.

Noah Rubin

Kathleen Connor

Nathan Rubin

Mary Clare Connor and Maya Rubin

Flannery Rose Connor

Riley Connor

Mallory and Mike Shaughnessy (Maine)

David and Laura Shaughnessy

Therese and Richard Greene (St. Louis)

Kathleen and Dick with Marilyn McGilley, the Wedding Coordinator

Carol and Bob Miller

Matt and Sandy Miller

Chicagoans Liz Quinlan and Hugo

Gabrielle Presler

Karen and Sean Miller

Mary's college roommates Molly and Beth came from San Francisco and Michigan.

Anne Connor and Susan Crowe

Eric with his great-aunt Bobby and cousin Steve

Sunday brunch at the Connors--with Anne Connor with Baby John, and Kelly

Bonnie and Sam arrive for the Sunday brunch

Dick with Nermine and Les Rubin and Samantha

Mary's girl friends gather to say goodbye before they separate again.

Mary will keep in touch with everyone by e-mail

Caroline, Gabrielle, Mary Clare, Kathleen and Samantha say goodbye.

Eric and Mary thank their "Shadchen"--Matchmaker Susu McMeel.

Kathleen and Dick look as the last guests leave.

It was a beautiful weekend--even the weather and the color were perfect.

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